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7 Celebs Sporting Hair Loss with Style

7 Celebs Sporting Hair Loss with Style

If any group of people tends to be concerned about hair loss, it’s sure to be celebrities. As people who live in front of cameras, they feel the need to look perfect at all times. But even with that pressure, many celebs have embraced losing their hair and choose to rock their new look with style. Here are seven great examples of gracefully embracing hair loss in front of the camera:

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1. Jack Nicholson

Many men begin to see hair loss as early as their 20s, and Jack Nicholson is one famous example. Instead of attempting to hide this fact, though, he simply embraced his receding hair line, and the look became a signature for him. Even when he played younger characters, his hair line gave them flair.

2. Daniel Craig

Even the world’s most recent James Bond isn’t immune to hair loss. Known for his bright blue eyes more than his hair, Craig has embraced a very short and sleek hairstyle that keeps attention off his receding hairline. He adds just a bit of product to the front to give it volume and lets the shape of his head do the rest of the work for his cut.

3. Bruce Willis

This action star began balding relatively early in his career and adopted the tough-guy look of either a super-short buzz or going completely bald on purpose, for most of his movies. As the ultimate action hero, Willis can pull this look off with total authority.

4. Victoria Beckham

Believe it or not, the ultra posh Spice Girl suffers from the early stages of traction alopecia, a condition that impacts many female celebrities who have over-processed hair. To combat the hair loss, Beckham favors shorter, sleeker cuts that are healthier for her hair than the extensions she used to wear.

5. Mickey Rourke

Nothing says that you have to embrace hair loss. Mickey Rourke is the poster child for taking strides towards feeling confident. What people believe to be a wig, has become something of a spectacle, but as long as he feels good, he can sport it.

6. Jason Alexander

The Seinfeld star is another that decided to cover up his balding rather than accept it. Rather than wigs, though, Alexander appears to have gone with a semi-permanent toupee to fill in the gaps between the hair on the sides of his head.

7. Hugh Laurie

Huge Laurie’s popularity certainly hasn’t died with his recent hair loss, and rather than covering the balding spot on his crown, Laurie simply lets it be. He did trim the sides of his head a bit shorter than usual so that the contrast wouldn’t be so noticeable. That’s an excellent way to embrace balding and feel confident.

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