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The Question of Jude Law’s Hair

Jude-law-hair-transplant-Before and After Treatment Photos | Rawnsley Hair Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

There is just something about a British accent that can make many people swoon, or at least be more interested in what the speaker has to say. Combined with a soft-spoken manner, the accent can be absolutely deadly. This is definitely the case with Mr. Jude Law. The British-born actor took America by storm with […]

Jeremy Piven: The Hair Transplant Scar Seems to Tell it All

jeremy piven hair transplant before and after 1

Years ago, Jeremy Piven was considered a comedic supporting role actor in shows like Ellen and Seinfeld. He had a signature look that included an obvious balding head. Things have changed, however, and Piven skyrocketed to fame as Ari Gold in the television show Entourage. This role led to the actor winning a Golden Globe […]

Johnny Depp and Hair Transplants: Don’t Talk about It and It Didn’t Happen

When many celebrities undergo a hair transplant procedure, the results are so obvious that even their denying it seems just silly. If a star goes from almost completely bald to a crowning head of hair, no one could deny the change. However, when a fairly reclusive celebrity like Johnny Depp does anything of any sort, […]

Jamie Foxx’s Extreme Hairline Difference

Jamie-foxx-scar-tattoo | Rawnsley Hair Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

Jamie Foxx is one of the actors who used the early 1990s cult television show, In Living Color, as a springboard into Hollywood. Since that time, the actor has made a name for himself in movies like Any Given Sunday, Ray, Jarhead, and Dreamgirls. He definitely has shown his ability to transition from comedy role […]

Nicolas Cage: Did the Face/Off Star Get a Hair Transplant?

Nicolas Cage is a very well-respected actor, playing in roles like Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas, the National Treasure movies, and Snake Eyes. As a member of the Coppala family (he is Francis Ford Coppala’s nephew), it’s almost expected of Cage to be a fine actor throughout his life. Like every other movie star or […]

7 Celebs Sporting Hair Loss with Style

If any group of people tends to be concerned about hair loss, it’s sure to be celebrities. As people who live in front of cameras, they feel the need to look perfect at all times. But even with that pressure, many celebs have embraced losing their hair and choose to rock their new look with […]

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