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Jamie Foxx’s Extreme Hairline Difference

Jamie Foxx’s Extreme Hairline Difference

jamie foxx scar tattoo

Jamie Foxx is one of the actors who used the early 1990s cult television show, In Living Color, as a springboard into Hollywood. Since that time, the actor has made a name for himself in movies like Any Given Sunday, Ray, Jarhead, and Dreamgirls. He definitely has shown his ability to transition from comedy role to drama easily, acting well in almost any type of movie or television show.

Over the past few years, fans have noticed that Foxx’s hairline has receded a great deal. He keeps his hair cropped very closely to his head, and that makes the hairline itself very prominent. Whether or not he had thinning hair on top is hard to tell, but it is very clear his forehead has gotten bigger in the last decade.

The Change

To really determine whether or not Jamie Foxx has had a hair transplant, the public would need his doctor’s records. Obviously, those aren’t going to be available and the actor himself has been mum on the subject. However, there has been a change to the way he looks and the signs seem to point toward a transplant.

The first of the changes would be the hairline. It used to be fairly receded all the way across, almost reaching the top of his head. However, in one dramatic swoop, the hairline was not just lowered, but became much more structured as well. Now, he appears to have a precision haircut and the hairline of someone half his age.

The second sign that something is up would be the tattoo he has on the back of his head. According to Foxx, he got the tribal style tattoo for his birthday, but it seems to follow a very odd line across his head. Interestingly, it’s the same line used if he got a strip hair transplant. This type of transplant removes a strip of hair along the back of the head and usually leaves a scar. Since Foxx keeps his hair cut short, the scar would be evident. It seems like the tattoo covers up the exact line of where this scar appeared.

Is It True?

As in most cases of celebrities and cosmetic procedures, Jamie Foxx has not chosen to admit he had a hair transplant. Therefore, no one but the actor himself and his doctor could say for certain whether or not this is what happened. Some could argue that a different tilt of the head, different lighting, and a different haircut could be responsible for what looks like a new hairline. Others would argue the change just wouldn’t be so dramatic.

Actors continue to deny having cosmetic procedures. Perhaps it is because they stay under scrutiny from media, the public, and paparazzi. They feel the need to remain perfect. However, it is easier for the rest of the world to come to terms with their own receding hairline when they know that famous people deal with the same problem. It certainly appears that Jamie Foxx had a hair transplant, and having a procedure done hasn’t damaged his career at all.

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