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Jeremy Piven: The Hair Transplant Scar Seems to Tell it All

Jeremy Piven: The Hair Transplant Scar Seems to Tell it All

Years ago, Jeremy Piven was considered a comedic supporting role actor in shows like Ellen and Seinfeld. He had a signature look that included an obvious balding head. Things have changed, however, and Piven skyrocketed to fame as Ari Gold in the television show Entourage. This role led to the actor winning a Golden Globe as well as more than one Emmy. Something else changed during that time besides Jeremy turning from comedy to more serious roles: his hairline.

When you compare before and after pictures of the actor, it would be very, very hard to deny that he is doing something to cover up that obvious bald spot. He had lost a lot of hair, and that can’t be faked with good photography or a trick of the light. Some people claim perhaps he wears a hair piece. Others think he has had hair transplants. What is the verdict? Piven is mum on the subject, but there are some clues that will indicate just what he had done.

The Telltale Scar

The paparazzo follow actors around everywhere they go. That means there are photographers who get to spend their days on Hawaii, in Fiji, and at other remote and beautiful locales. Not too long ago, Piven went on vacation in Hawaii, and of course, pictures were taken. In one of those photos, it would seem that the star has a very obvious scar across the back of his head that is most evident when his hair is wet.

That scar, according to many, is the sign of a strip style hair transplant. This is a procedure when a strip of hair is removed from the back and then used to do a strand by strand transplant to the top of the head or the thinning area. The scar is usually very obvious right after the procedure and then in cases when the hair is wet. No one knows for certain if this is what Jeremy Piven had done, but it seems to be the most likely case.

Did He Have Hair Transplants?

Probably for as long as Jeremy Piven denies having anything done, the debate will continue. It is extremely obvious that he did get more hair on the top of his head. After all, he now has hair where there was none just a few years ago. However, he may have gotten the new look through an artificial piece. Some people feel it looks just too natural though, and that would point to very well-done hair transplants.

Jeremy Piven is just another star not willing to admit whether or not he had some type of cosmetic procedure. He, like others, had something done that is fairly obvious but he just won’t admit what. Hair transplants can be very useful, though, in reversing the signs of male pattern baldness and there can be many benefits. In fact, in Jeremy Piven’s case, if this is what he had done, it seems to have boosted his career. He went from fairly unknown to a Golden Globe winning actor.

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