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Matthew McConaughey: He’s Attractive, He’s Shirtless, Did He Have Hair Transplants?

Matthew McConaughey: He’s Attractive, He’s Shirtless, Did He Have Hair Transplants?

matthew mconaughey hair transplant before and after

Some actors are extremely recognizable as soon as anyone sees their picture and most people will be able to spot Matthew McConaughey even in a picture from several yards away. That’s because he will most likely be shirtless. During his downtime, this actor tends to spend his days on the beach, surfing, playing with his pet dog, or being a very attractive dad.

Matthew has quite a few well-known roles under his belt as well, including A Time to Kill, We Are Marshall, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, and Magic Mike. His signature, slightly sarcastic sense of humor shows up again and again, and the audience seems to love it.

Of course, Hollywood stars spend a great deal of time on their looks. They must keep a certain appearance to land those roles, and that can often mean different types of cosmetic procedures. Unfortunately, they are rarely willing to admit they had anything done. Matthew is one of these.

Before and After

Did Matthew McConaughey have hair transplants? He says he didn’t, but a quick look at before and after pictures will tell another story. Back in 1999, he was still quite the dreamboat, but Matthew was showing the signs of male pattern baldness. These signs include a receding hairline most evident at the temples, thinning hair on the top and front of the head, and thinning hair in the back or on the crown. In pictures, it was clear that Matthew had a receding hairline.

Now, flash forward to a picture of the actor recently. Those high temples seem to have come back down. Now, he has an even hairline all the way across and his wavy golden locks are thick once again. You can’t see a sign of his scalp through the hair. The change is simply too dramatic to claim he didn’t have anything done.

His Explanation

When asked, McConaughey said he used a topical product to enhance his sought after locks. However, any doctor will tell you that these products will not make new hair grow. At best, they will slow down hair loss. The only way to get more hair, as the actor has, is through hair transplants. While he won’t admit it, it would seem to anyone that Matthew did have a transplant. It certainly doesn’t take away from his good looks and acting talent, however. He is still that guy we love in romantic comedies or serious roles.

Matthew McConaughey seems to have fallen victim to the same problem of numerous Hollywood stars. He definitely appears to have had hair transplants, but he simply won’t admit it. This brings up a question: why? There is nothing about having a cosmetic procedure that takes away from an actor’s ability to entertain us on the screen. Most audiences really don’t care if their favorite actor had hair transplants. There is nothing shameful about choosing to thicken up hair when it starts to thin. There is also nothing shameful about suffering from male pattern baldness in the first place. Most men do.

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