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Nicolas Cage: Did the Face/Off Star Get a Hair Transplant?

Nicolas Cage: Did the Face/Off Star Get a Hair Transplant?

Nicolas Cage is a very well-respected actor, playing in roles like Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas, the National Treasure movies, and Snake Eyes. As a member of the Coppala family (he is Francis Ford Coppala’s nephew), it’s almost expected of Cage to be a fine actor throughout his life.

Like every other movie star or celebrity out there, Cage comes under a special kind of scrutiny. His whole life is considered to be fair game, and that includes speculation as to whether or not he has had any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures over the years. The actor is getting close to fifty, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he had some work done. There have been rumors that he may have had a facelift or some other procedure, but the most likely scenario pertains to his hair.

Comparing the Past to the Present

A good way to determine whether or not something has changed about Cage’s hair would be to step back and consider his different looks through the past. When he was in Raising Arizona, his hair was actually pretty thick. He did have a receding hairline even then, but this became much worse over the years. He also started losing his hair at the crown and the top had become much thinner. The actor had the classic tell-tale signs of male pattern baldness. Then, flash forward to the past year or so.

Now, while the actor still has a receding hairline; the hair on the top of his head and on the crown has certainly gotten noticeably thicker. It would seem that he may have had hair transplants sometime recently.

Did He Have a Transplant?

There are some actors that obviously had a hair transplant. The change is just too dramatic to deny, but this simply isn’t the case with Nicolas Cage. In this situation, his hair seems to be thicker, but the hairline hasn’t changed that much. Some would argue that there are subtle differences in his front hairline and that there seems to be more darkness close to the scalp, it’s very hard to see in pictures.

The top of his hair does look thicker, but then in some pictures, it seems to still be thinning. If he did have hair transplants, he did so in a very light-handed way. The result was slightly better but did not completely rectify his thinning hair situation.

Like almost any actor in Hollywood, Nicholas Cage has denied having any work done. He hasn’t been very outspoken about the matter either, though. It will probably be up for debate for many years whether or not Cage did have hair transplants, or any other cosmetic procedure for that matter. In any case, he continues to be a well-respected actor, and if he did have transplants, then he definitely did something good for his career. Many actors fizzle out and disappear as they age, but Nicolas Cage has not done this. It seems that his career has only taken off even more in the past few years.

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