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Just wanted to say thank you again to Dr. Rawnsley, yourself, and the whole team for the great job you did on Friday. Everyone really looked after me, kept me relaxed, and made it such a smooth and easy day to get through.


Dr Rawnsley and the staff were amazing. The results were even better . I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a hair restoration. You can see the results for your self in the before and after photos in his office.


If you’re thinking of undergoing a hair restoration, Jeff Rawnsley is your guy. I could not be happier with the results. When I met with Dr. Rawnsley and his staff, I felt comfortable right away. I liked the fact that he’s a surgeon who handles a whole range of cosmetic procedures – most of the places that do hair transplants are not staffed by surgeons. He answered all my questions and really took his time with me. It still took me several more months to get up the nerve to schedule the procedure, but I’m so happy that I did. The results have far exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t bald before, but I had noticed increasingly rapid hair thinning as I got into my 40s, and I really hated that my scalp was beginning to become visible through my hair. Dr Rawnsley performed 2500 micrografts and the results are amazing. My hair is thick again and my hairline is exactly back where it was 15 years ago. Everything looks completely natural and the change was gradual (it takes 9 months for the hair in all the grafts to completely grow in), so no one ever noticed that I had any work done. If you’re concerned about any degree of hair loss, don’t hesitate to see Dr. Rawnsley.

My only bit of advice is to be prepared to be in a fair amount of pain for the first 12-24 hours after the procedure. Your scalp is full of local anesthetic when the procedure is done, so it’s relatively painless, but once the anesthesia wears off – Yowza – it hurt like hell! Dr. Rawnsley provided appropriate pain killers, which helped a lot, but the first 24 hours were rough. After that, it was much better and the pain was completely gone within a couple days. In my opinion, this was a very small price to pay for the amazing results.

The woman who cuts my hair is one of the few people who knows I had the procedure done. She was amazed by the results. As a hairdresser in Los Angeles, she sees a lot of guys who have undergone hair restorations, often with bad outcomes that make her job more difficult when she has to cut their hair. She told me my hair restoration was the best one she had ever seen.

I highly recommend Dr. Rawnsley and his staff. You’ll be very happy with the results.

B.G., Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Rawnsley was as good as it gets. Seriously, it was life changing. I had two sessions done and each time I was amazed at the difference 9 months after the procedure. Done at UCLA Hospital oppose to the back of some dermatology office made me feel comfortable because at the end of the day, it is still surgery. The procedure is about 6 hours but the time flies by as you can watch a movie, listen to music or just relax. There was no pain involved, however the next day as the local anesthesia wears off you will have some pain, however you will have the proper medications to handle it all. I was back at work 4 days later. Doctor Rawnsley calls to make sure everything is going well and Suzanne is great at fielding all questions and providing answers in a quick manner if need be. I felt the whole process was professional and have reccomended him to many friends since. Thanks for the new head of hair!!!

A.S., Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Rawnsely is simply the best in his field. And the results speak for themselves. In August I underwent my third hair transplant procedure with him over a ten year period. The hair he transplanted years ago remains thick, but as Dr. Rawnsely warned me…my natural hair continued to thin. But thanks to my third transplant, my hairline is thick again!! No one can believe I’ve had a hair transplant when I tell them, because Dr. Rawnsely creates very natural results. If you’d like to speak with me about my experience, call Dr. Rawnsely’s office and ask them to put you in touch with Will K. My advice: go for it! It’s worth the investment in your future.

W.K., Los Angeles, CA

Dr Rawnsley should pay for me to get new head shots. My new hairline is so good people don’t even recognize me.


Extremely pleased with all aspects of Dr. Rawnsley’s care, from consultation to procedure to follow up to the final results.


Dr.Rawnsley explained why some people are good candidates for the procedure and others are not. After examining my hair and scalp he told me that I would be a good candidate for the procedure and why. He also told me how many grafts will be needed to achieve a good outcome.

He explained there are two methods of harvesting hair from the donor area, strip vs FUE and the pros and cons of each method. FUE pros include no linear scar, no stitches and greater likelihood that more of the grafts will survive. Cons include increased cost longer procedure time (half-day versus full-day) and the lower part of your back your head will be shaved. Absolutely no pressure to select one over the other, he offers both. I chose FUE.


I arrived at the office around 7:30 AM, Dr. Rawnsley and his staff are waiting for me, very efficient. The back of my head was shaved and Dr. Rawnsley prepared the implant sites. A slight sting when the Novocain was injected and the saline to expand the scalp other than that, absolutely no discomfort. He explained that he did the site preparation before harvesting the hair so that the grafts would have a greater chance of remaining viable.

His assistants, two or three people, went to work harvesting the grafts. As before, slight sting with the Novocain but no discomfort after that. At times the Novocain would wear off and more was injected. I was constantly asked if I was feeling any discomfort. Afterward, they implanted the grafts in the sites prepared by Dr. Rawnsley

The procedure room was very comfortable, music and movies provided as was lunch.

It was clear the assistants knew what they were doing work for well with each other. Very efficient. Dr. Rawnsley was in the office the entire day to check in every 15 to 30 minutes or so to inspect the placement of the grafts and see how things were going.

At the end of the day Dr. Rawnsley inspected my head, told me I was going to get a great outcome that would take about 10 months to show. I was given some special shampoo, a prescription for antibiotics and pain. I was given Dr. Rawnsley private number to call in case I had issues, otherwise to come back in 10 months.

I had a slight headache for an hour or two after the procedure. I did not need to take any of the pain medication.


I saw Dr. Rawnsley about 10 months after the procedure and was very pleased I saw before and after photos that confirmed what I saw in the mirror: GREAT OUTCOME, more than worth the time and money.


If you decide the procedure something you would like to pursue and interview Dr. Rawnsley, your first contact will be with his office manager, Suzanne Ranaudo. The only thing I can say about Suzanne is whatever Dr. Rawnsley is paying her he could double it and would still not be enough


Ah thank you Suzanne! I can’t even begin to express how pleased I am with the results. Thank you so much for all of your help over the past year. It has meant the world to me and has truly changed my life!


Life is great! Hair looks good, job is fantastic, just purchased my first home. No complaints here 🙂

Anonymous 29 year old

After struggling for several years with thinning hair and a rapidly receding hairline, I began doing some research online to see if there was a more permanent solution. I have been using rogaine for the better part of 5 years and started propecia about 2 years ago as well. Both products made a meaningful impact in slowing the loss and with propecia I even regrew some hair early on, but I was still losing the battle. I wanted to regain the mature hairline I once had and fortify the hair on the crown of my head which had started to fall out quite dramatically over the past year.

I spent a lot of time in forums researching the many solutions out there and found that Hair Restoration Surgery (Hair Transplant) was really the only method that would give me what I was looking for. I live in Southern California, so I began my search like everyone else, on Google. After looking at a long list of Hair Transplant Dr.’s, I found Dr. Rawnsley’s site,. I wanted to get a very natural result and that is exactly what I saw throughout his before and after gallery.

I didn’t want to show up at one the many upcoming weddings of friends I hadn’t see in a while and be sporting a Rico Suave ultra thick mane, when my hair was very noticeably thinning just a few months before! I just wanted a healthy mature head of hair. So after much deliberation and some careful budgeting I called the office and scheduled a consultation.

Upon arriving in their beautiful Westwood LA office and meeting Suzanne and the rest of the staff, I knew this was no “Hair Mill.” Dr. Rawnsley went to great lengths to answer all of my questions and lay the options available to me. He explained that because of my age (i’m just 27) the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) would be the safest and best restoration solution, because it doesn’t leave a scar and doesn’t tighten down the scalp hair, so if necessary the procedure can be done again in the future.

I am happy to report that the surgery went off without a hitch and I am incredibly pleased with the result.

Stephen M., Yelp

In late 2012, I met with Dr. Rawnsley to discuss possible options to address my receding hairline. He was very professional and friendly and mentioned several options, the best, in my case, being a hair restoration (transplant) of approximately 2,200 hair grafts. He made it very clear that the difference between good transplants great transplants is not only the strategic placement of groups of two, three, or four hairs, but the placement of single hairs, especially along the front of the forehead. He drew dots on my forehead to represent the placement of the hairline and explained the procedure, time that I would be in the hospital, and average recovery time.

It is now March 2014 and I couldn’t be happier. Not one of my friends has ever mentioned anything except that, for some reason, I look younger. And my hairdresser, who knew I was having the procedure and has seen many hair transplants over the years, states that my transplant is by far the best he’s ever seen. The hairline looks completely natural. He estimates that at least 90% of the grafts have become permanent and have blended beautifully with my other hair.

I cannot say enough about the steps that Dr. Rawnsley took to make sure my hair looked natural. His administrative staff are delightful and discreet, and his medical staff are absolutely the best, talking to you during the entire procedure and reassuring you every step of the way, which I really appreciated.

I highly recommend attending one of Dr. Rawnsley’s hair restoration lectures and live demonstrations at the UCLA Medical Center.

R. G., Yelp

I started losing my hair at 18…It went very very quick from there. At 22 I decided it was time to stop praying rogaine and propecia would grown my hair back. Like anybody in this day in age, I took to the internet to research my options. I was immediately very excited when I saw what hair restoration could do. Of course, you will see alot of people that claim they are the best. I then checked with trusted doctors and family friends in the area to figure out who would be a good choice. I met a few people, but Dr. Rawnsley was a no-brainer. However, you need to do your research as many people are just dermatologist that do this out of their office building; Dr. Rawnsley does them at UCLA Hospital. Even though this is not a huge procedure, it is still surgery and I felt it comforting being at UCLA. Dr. Rawnsley is simply the best. He is not only a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon; he is trained in aesthetics and microsurgery, as well as head and neck surgery. Just his training and education puts him leaps ahead of his competition. I had two hair restoration sessions and went from very little thin hair to literally a full head of hair. It is incredible. Honestly, the best decision I have ever made in my life. Dr. Rawnsley is very professional and exceeded my expectations after my consultations. He is an artists and takes time on every single follicle to make sure they are flowing with the rest of your hair. I know he is an artist because every time I get a haircut now, I ask the stylist if they knew, and they don’t have a clue. It still amazes me that someone sifting through your hair can have absolutely no idea you had a procedure done. I had two sessions with about 2,500 grafts each time. The session is about 5-6 hours and uses local anesthesia, you feel no pain, just like someone is touching your hair. You can watch TV, listen to music, talk to the Dr. and nurses in the room. They bring in lunch for everyone, your choice from the local area by UCLA. Then you go home, sit on the couch and relax. There is minimal pain for which you are prescribed medication. Dr. gives you special shampoo and medicine for your hair to improve the healing process. You go back to get your sutures out 8-10 days later (which are covered by hair, you literally can’t see). Then you have a follow up 6 months later. Growth starts around 3 months and by 6 months you are in full bloom. 100% of the growth takes place by 1 year, but 80% should be there by 6 or 7 months. It is worth your time to go and meet Dr. Rawnsley, he changed my life!

Adam S., Yelp

The best thing I ever did was make that phone call. I had been thinking of hair restoration for my receding hairline for several years even though I am only in my 30’s. The thing that stopped me from moving forward was having a scar in the back of my scalp. I found Dr. Rawnsley from a friend of mine. When I called the office I found out that Dr. Rawnsley also performs FUE. The grafts are taken out one at a time – THERE IS NO SCAR IN THE BACK! Six months later I look great! Full head of hair, totally natural looking and no scar. This is definitely the way to go – thank you Dr. Rawnsley.


I receive compliments about how I look – “Your face looks great”, “I like your haircut”, “Best you’ve looked in years”, – I say thank you! Then, I privately, to myself say, “Thank you Dr. Rawnsley….thank you for your thoughtful, thorough hair procedure”. Yes, I am sincerely grateful and appreciative to Dr. Rawnsley and his incredible staff. I say this quietly, privately to myself because I keep this happy secret with my wife, Dr. Rawnsley and his staff. I share it now with you with gratitude


Omg the best experience. Just left the doctors office the staff was the best Suzanne was the greatest she got me in after a horrible experience at bosley hair restoration center in Beverly Hills she got me in to see the doctor wish explained that I was not ready for treatment and that I should wait I didn’t get charged nothing and the doctor was the best I will not think about it twice before I come to him great doctor and the best staff

Jesus C., Yelp

Dr. Rawnsley was the right choice!

For several years I considered hair restoration as I noticed a steady pattern of hair loss. To most, It was a figment of my imagination, but most men would know what I’m talking about. I watched different infomercials and none were very convincing, I also would clearly notice men who had undergone hair restoration(why would anyone undergo a procedure that was noticeable!).

I learned about Dr. Rawnsley’s technique through an internet search and became very excited. His Youtube videos and detailed description of his pioneering technique won me over. I contacted his office and began emailing his staff with my many questions. Every question was answered in a quick and professional manner. As a health care provider, I take great notice of how an office handles their patients. I scheduled my consultation and after speaking with Dr. Rawnsley, he advised me to wait a year as it wasn’t quite the right time. I appreciated his honesty!

My procedure was performed approximately fifteen(15) months later. The experience was very pleasant and surprisingly painless. I can honestly say I experienced more discomfort during routine dental cleanings. In addition, my hair stylist of over twenty (20) years had a difficult time locating the donor site. I have and will continue to refer people to consult with Dr. Rawnsley not only for hair restoration but for cosmetic procedures as well.

Thank you Dr. Rawnsley!

E.M., Orange County, CA

Had FUE Surgery a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. Really enjoyed the experience. His staff were great, he answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking to get this procedure done. He’s slightly more expensive but you get what you pay for.

John T., Yelp

Thank you for doing a superb job restoring my hairline just where I wanted it, and making every attempt to insure that the procedure was as pleasant, painless, and relaxing as possible. Hair restoration is something I’ve been thinking of doing for years and you made it happen so quickly that I still can’t believe it is done. Please thank Suzanne for scheduling my hair restoration as soon as possible and being attentive to all of my questions and concerns while in the office. She even called Bing during the grafting to see how things were going. Also please give my regards to your A-Team (Bing, Susan, Glenda, and Lisa) for being very professional during the entire grafting process and making the time go by quickly by having fun and informative conversations. They were more than happy to answer all my questions and explained (or showed) me the steps that they take to separate and insert each graft. They really work well together!

Following the surgery, my recovery has been just as it was explained it would be, with very little swelling and absolutely no bleeding or “oozing” at the grafts or sutured area. I’ll let you know if that changes. I’ll also call Suzanne this afternoon to schedule a follow-up appointment to remove the sutures.

Thank you for making a very important step in my life so easy.


So I woke up one day and noticed that I was looking a little “follically challenged”. I researched different treatment options, but realized that none of them really work except for hair restoration.

I chose Dr. Rawnsley to perform my hair restoration after interviewing many doctors in California and researching doctors in other states. My first visit with Dr. Rawnsley was an information session at UCLA where the group got the chance to see an actual patient having the procedure. Way cool! This totally helped me to not freak out when it was my turn. During an in-office appointment, Dr. Rawnsley answered all of my questions and thoroughly explained the procedure. He was patient and knowledgeable. I had all the information and it was simply up to me to schedule my procedure. There was never any “hard sell” like the some of the other “hair mills” that I checked out. I also liked the fact that the Doc himself would be performing the procedure and I wasn’t going to be passed off to someone else. Big Plus – the whole thing would be done at UCLA!

The day of the procedure went pretty much as the Doc explained. There was some minor discomfort (which was expected), but for the most part I just relaxed, watched videos and chatted with the Doc and his incredible staff. They were really great about constantly making sure I was comfortable.

I highly recommend Dr. Rawnsley. I was so pleased with the results that I went back a second time to achieve an even fuller hairline.

I’ve seen a lot of bad hair restorations. No one has ever been able to tell that I even had the procedure – not even hair stylists! I’m grateful every day, when I look in the mirror, for the incredible result.

Dr. Rawnsley restored not only my hair, but my confidence as well.

Daryl S., Yelp

I was on a Yoga retreat this past weekend and for some reason the dinner table divided up with the guys on one end and girls on the other. So we got to talking. And the topic of hair transplants came up, in part because one of the people is a hair transplant surgeon. No one, not even the other doctor, was able to tell that I had anything done.

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