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The Question of Jude Law’s Hair

The Question of Jude Law’s Hair

jude law hair transplant before and after

There is just something about a British accent that can make many people swoon, or at least be more interested in what the speaker has to say. Combined with a soft-spoken manner, the accent can be absolutely deadly. This is definitely the case with Mr. Jude Law. The British-born actor took America by storm with movies like The Talented Mr. Ripley and Enemy at the Gates back in the 90′s. He showed his acting skill by taking on the role of the reticent Inman in period piece, Cold Mountain. It’s no secret that Jude is a talented actor, but what may be a secret has to do with his hair.

Jude Law, like most actors and actresses in Hollywood, adamantly denies having any type of cosmetic procedure. That’s no surprise because very few have ever said they had anything done. However, it’s hard not to notice when their looks change dramatically from one day to the next.

The Problem Case

Jude’s case is problematic though. If he had hair transplants done, they were done in a way that is very understated. After all, even after stepping out with what appears to be thicker, fuller hair, he still has the signature high forehead and receding hairline. When many actors go through the procedure, they get the hairline of their dreams: perfectly proportioned, at the right level, and evenly distributed. If Jude Law did choose to get more hair, then he did so in a very natural manner. When you couple this with his denial, it’s very hard to say for certain if he had anything done.

The Evidence

There are some pieces of evidence though. If you look back on the actor’s role when he did have longer hair, as in Cold Mountain, the locks were thin even then. You can usually see his scalp through the waves, especially on the top and front of his head. When Law stepped out for premiers of Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadow, his longer locks were thick and lustrous. The change in looks could definitely raise some eyebrows.

However, some would say that the difference is a simple trick of the light. Perhaps the photographer just did an excellent job of catching Jude looking his best. Perhaps the lighting on the red carpet reflected perfectly off of his hair. There are many questions and the actor himself is very unlikely to answer them himself. Either way, he still has his rugged good looks and soft, British accent that many love.

Did Jude Law have hair transplants? That is a good question. If he did, this wouldn’t take away anything from his acting ability or his swoon-worthy British accent. Additionally, if he did, the work was done carefully so that the results aren’t too obvious. Perhaps one day, stars will be more willing to admit that they had cosmetic procedures. After all, if the stars have to do it to maintain their looks, it would certainly make the rest of us feel a little better about ourselves.

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